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Is your organisation ready to retrofit?


[30 June 2023] The SHRA team has supported hundreds of organisations on their retrofit journey – we’re now sharing what we’ve learnt to help you get ahead in the race to retrofit.


    Please note: this news article is from an archive, and may now include information, references or terminology that is out of date. Please refer to the main sections of this website for latest information.

    Whether you’re already delivering or at the very early stages of planning, there are a wide variety of elements that contribute to your organisation’s preparedness to deliver effective retrofit and secure future funding, including:

    • Strategy
    • Governance
    • Data
    • Resident engagement
    • Resources
    • Procurement
    • Delivery
    • Managing risk
    • Monitoring and evaluation
    • The SHRA’s new online Retrofit

    Maturity Assessment will ask you a series of questions looking at the parts of your organisation listed above.  It is aimed at organisations that manage social housing stock, such as housing associations and local authorities.

    The Maturity Assessment will help you identify gaps in your readiness to retrofit at scale and, if needed, direct you towards SHRA learning resources.

    In the next few weeks, once we have collected information from providers across the country, you will receive a short report summarising how your organisation compares against an ideal operating model for delivering retrofit – this will help you identify where you can focus with your asset teams for continual improvement and putting you in a better place to draw down future funding

    The information you share with us will also help us understand the current state of the sector and how the SHRA can improve its services to support housing providers, as well as being your opportunity to help shape future policy.

    Your information will be held securely and not shared with any third parties in line with our privacy policy.

    So, what are you waiting for?  The assessment takes around 10-15 minutes to complete and you can get started using the link below.  



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