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SHDF success stories | Northampton Partnership Homes


[17 October 2022] Northampton Partnership Homes residents share their experiences of the retrofit improvements made to their homes with funding from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator. 


    Residents of Northampton Partnership Homes have been enjoying the benefits of their newly retrofitted homes, some of the 150 being improved with funding from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund Demonstrator. 

    Lesley's story

    Lesley Handy lives in a two-bedroom house in a terraced row in Northampton, a street which she has been living on for 40 years.  

    The retrofit improvements made have included high performance external wall insulation, additional loft insulation, and new windows and doors, with Lesley feeling an immediate difference to the warmth in her home. 

    “My brother used to call my house ‘the fridge’ but now, once it’s warmed up, it stays warm. 

    “With energy prices going up I’d dread to think what would happen to my energy bills, so I’m really glad I’ve had the work done.

    “If anyone is offered these improvements, I’d definitely tell them to get it done.” 

    “I’ve lived here for 40 years and I have always been proud of where I live – but these improvements have made the street look nicer and the houses feel a lot warmer.

    Mensah's story

    Mensah Covenant lives with his family, including his mother, in a terraced house in Northampton, where he attends college. 

    Mensah says that when the family were initially invited to take part in the project, they were sceptical about the costs involved – when they found out that the improvements would be fully funded by Northampton Partnership Homes, they were excited about the benefit it would bring.

    The retrofit work included installing solar panels and an air source heat pump, replacing windows and doors, upgrades to radiators, and high performance external wall insulation with a new, smart render finish.

    “Since the work has been done the house has felt a lot warmer and more comfortable.

    “We’ve already seen our energy bills go down, so when winter comes we’re going to be very lucky.

    “But it’s not just about bills, the refreshed exterior of the house is beautiful and the new windows and doors make a big difference – we’re now very proud of our home.

    “We’re so grateful to have received the improvements and would absolutely recommend the retrofit measures to our friends, neighbours and family.

    “Most importantly, my mum is very happy, and so am I.”

    Aliye's story

    Aliye Galloway lives in a three-bedroom semi-detached house in north Northampton with her family of seven. 

    After researching the benefits, the family chose to have all of the retrofit work done that was offered to them by Northampton Partnership Homes – this included an air source heat pump, solar panels, high performance external wall insulation, radiator upgrades and new windows and doors.

    The work was completed in March 2022, taking less than four months in total, and the family are already feeling the improvement:

    “The energy efficiency improvements in our home have been a really positive experience – we had new windows and doors, insulation and an air-source heat pump installed.

    “We were so happy to have completely got rid of the gas – we instantly saved money on the standing charge and the new air-source system is very efficient.

    “To anyone offered energy efficiency measures, I’d say “go for it’ – we have had no regrets."

    “Because of the new insulation and windows, our home is no longer drafty and once it’s warm, it stays warm, which will be a massive benefit over the winter.

    “The works have transformed the outside of the house too – it looks really great and much more appealing.


    “As a family seven, we feel like it’s massively benefited us and our home and we’re far less concerned about what the winter ahead may bring.”

    Find out more about the support on offer through the Social Housing Retrofit Accelerator.

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