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Introducing the RISE Essentials courses

As part of the RISE support offer, we run regular 'Essentials' courses; CPD-accredited courses that offer a chance to deepen your understanding of retrofit project planning and delivery.




    RISE 'Essentials' courses, an overview

    We run a number of different Essentials courses, to meet the needs of all those looking to plan and deliver successful domestic retrofit programmes.

    From our Strategy Essentials course - which ensures that you have the plans in place to deliver your retrofit programme at scale, to our Retrofit Essentials course that includes covers all the retrofit basics and is great for those new to the sector, there is almost certainly a course suitable for you.

    Our Essentials courses are a mix of on-line and face to face, so however you like to learn, there is an option that will suit you.

    And our Essentials courses are also CDP-accredited, meaning that you can formally record your learning.

    What courses are available?

    Various Essentials courses run throughout the year - including:

    Retrofit Essentials - a perfect introduction to retrofit project planning, with modules that include resident engagement, data management, procurement, PAS2035 and project team creation.

    Retrofit Essentials Bootcamps - our in-person, one-day courses that mirror the main Retrofit Essentials modules, but in a more interactive way. For anyone who prefers a more intensive, and face to face approach to learning.

    Strategy Essentials - a six-part CPD-accredited online course that will empower you to develop your retrofit strategy.

    Bitesized Essentials - a shorter version of the main Essentials courses, for those who are looking for support but who can't commit to the full course yet.

    Application Essentials - a course focused on supporting anyone lookign to prepare a funding application for their retrofit programme. Please note, this course is only available when funding is available.

    Who runs the Essentials courses?

    We have a range of retrofit experts who deliver our Essentials courses, and each presenter is selected to best suit the topic. To give you a feel, below are some of the experts that have delivered recent Essentials courses.


    Julian Boss, Principal Consultant, Sustainability

    Now a Principal Consultant on the RISE team at Turner & Townsend, Julian has had roles previously at BRE and Institute for Sustainability. Julian delivers Essentials modules on PAS2035.


    Natalie Gardner, Principal Consultant

    Natalie was the Regeneration Programme Manager at Clarion Housing Group before joining the RISE team at Turner & Townsend, where she is now a Principal Consultant. Natalie delivers Essentials modules focused on data.


    Ben Coombes, Sustainability Specialist

    Ben is a highly experienced consultant in sustainability, and previous held roles at Swan Housing Group (Head of Sustainability), and Greater London Authority (Programme Manager for Energy). Ben delivers modules focused on how to develop the business case for retrofit and procuring for retrofit,


    Janie Bray, Senior Sustainability Consultant

    An environmental scientist with 20 years experience in the management and coordination of sustainability and environmental projects in the public and private sectors, Janey is currently a Senior Consultant in the RISE team at Turner & Townsend. Janey delivers modules focused on resident engagement, and our ‘beginners guide’ to retrofit.



    Interested in finding out more?

    All our Essentials courses can be found on the RISE Eventbrite page  (click here to find the courses that are currently available).

    If you want to be informed when new courses are launched, please make sure you sign up to the RISE newsletter, and follow us on Linkedin.



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