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Tailoring events for you

The RISE team offers a comprehensive programme of training, webinars, workshops and briefings that make it easier for organisations to develop plans for retrofit that attract funding and also meet the needs of residents, create more comfortable homes and support their commitments to decarbonise.

All RISE events are carefully planned to deliver exactly what you need, and to fit around busy schedules and time pressured roles.

Heritage Buildings Planning and Retrofit | RISE Masterclass

12th Aug 2024 12:00pm

Introduction to data| RISE Masterclass

13th Aug 2024 12:00pm

Retrofit with Yorkshire Housing| RISE Masterclass

14th Aug 2024 12:00pm

Low Carbon Heating Solutions | RISE Masterclass

15th Aug 2024 12:00pm

A Complete Beginners Guide to Housing Retrofit | RISE Masterclass

19th Aug 2024 12:00pm

Advanced Resident Engagement planning| RISE Masterclass

22nd Aug 2024 12:00pm

Software Modelling for Social Housing Retrofit | RISE Masterclass

29th Aug 2024 12:00pm

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