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A wide range of key information and expert advice is provided via a comprehensive series of on-demand masterclasses and insightful online events. We’re adding new content all the time, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.


Quality Data for Housing Retrofit | SHRA Masterclass

In this peer learning presentation, Arc Partnership's Aaron Beattie and Jason Burt reflect on their experience using high-quality data in their SHDF Demonstrator programme.

Software Modelling for Social Housing Retrofit

Emma Woods, senior consultant at Turner & Townsend, discusses discuss the benefits of procuring software to support the development of your social housing retrofit programme.

Understanding Heat Pumps | SHRA Masterclass

Bean Beanland from the Heat Pump Federation provides an overview of heat pump technology, their main benefits, the installation process and how to engage with residents on heat pumps.

Managing Damp and Mould | SHRA Masterclass

Turner & Townsend's Owen Daggett looks at how implementing a proactive approach to housing maintenance can eliminate damn and mould.

Solar-Powered Air Source Heat Pumps | SHRA Masterclass

A peer learning presentation with Mai Muhammad from Aberdeen City Council and Gabor Szabo from SMS plc.

Tenant Experience of Air Source Heat Pumps | SHRA Masterclass

Paul Tucker, Sustainability Manager of Northamptonshire Partnership Homes and Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Energy Specifics reflect on the range of ways that residents have responded to the transition to heat pumps.

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