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A wide range of key information and expert advice is provided via a comprehensive series of on-demand masterclasses and insightful online events. We’re adding new content all the time, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.


Retrofit Solutions for Social Housing Archetypes | SHRA Masterclass

In this masterclass, James Traynor from ECD Architects looks at the strategies, challenges and risks associated with different housing archetypes.

How to Achieve 'Fabric First and No Regrets' | SHRA Masterclass

A session with James Traynor from ECD Architects for those who want to understand how to achieve 'fabric first and no regrets'.

Understanding and Delivering EnerPHit Standards | SHRA Masterclass

A session with Alan Budden from Eco Design Consultants on understanding and delivering EnerPHit Standards for retrofit.

Procurement | SHRA Masterclass

Procurement | SHRA Masterclass

23 mins 18 seconds

A masterclass with Turner & Townsend's Bevan Jones which addresses how to deliver a project by providing supplier certainty, value for money and the desired outcomes through the required procurement policy related to the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

Compliant Pre-bid Collaboration & Procurement | SHRA Masterclass

In this masterclass, Gayle Monk from Anthony Collins Solicitors discusses how to achieve compliant procurement and collaborative supplier engagement.

SHDF Ensuring Compliance for Installers, Contractors and Suppliers | SHRA Masterclass

A session with RetrofitWorks' Lisa Pasquale which covers SHDF and ensuring compliance for installers, contractors and suppliers.

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