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A wide range of key information and expert advice is provided via a comprehensive series of on-demand masterclasses and insightful online events. We’re adding new content all the time, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.


Property Identification Resources | HUG 2

Targeted at improving EPC D-G, off-gas grid homes in England, this masterclass led by Gareth Clubb will take you through the policy and how to identify eligible homes in your area using readily available data

Toolkits and Guidance Packs | HUG 2 Hub Briefing

Toolkits and Guidance Packs provided by the Home Upgrade Hub will be an essential method to improve your HUG 2 application. This Masterclass will explain how to access and act on all of our upcoming toolkits whilst providing a space for questions.

Diagnostic and Support Plan | HUG 2 HUB Briefing

The BEIS fully funded and tailored support package, the Home Upgrade Hub, will use diagnostic calls to produce responsive support plans for Local Authorities. During this briefing, attendees will be guided through this process and explain why these methods are a key route to success.

Outline Application, Challenge Fund and FAQs | HUG 2 Application Briefing

The Outline Application is the first stage in a successful Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 project. In this briefing, Gareth Clubb, Principal Consultant of Turner & Townsend will share with Local Authorities what must be considered and highlighted for an effective Outline Application and will cover key Frequently Asked Challenge Fund Questions.

Understanding a Consortium - approach to HUG 2 Applications | HUG 2 Masterclass

Consortium involvement can significantly strengthen your HUG 2 application. This masterclass will help you to develop, participate in or manage a consortium. It covers: consortium benefits, partner identification, goal setting, management structure, governance, alignment of members and tools for delivery.

Service Overview | HUG 2 Hub Briefing

The briefing session will set out the Home Upgrade Grant Challenge Fund opportunity and the BEIS fully funded support available to Local Authorities from Turner & Townsend through the Home Upgrade Hub Service. Attendees will gain an understanding of the key steps to be application ready.

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